About Us

Leya & Buster Candles. 


My name is Benjamin Jerrard-Hattersley and I set up Leya & Buster Candles back in early 2019! 

I have always had a love and obsession with buying & burning candles. I love how they smell and make you feel. There is nothing better than on an evening lighting your favourite while you relax. It really sets the mood and helps you to relax and feel at home. 

I was gifted a candle making kit a few years ago by my husband who was sick of me buying so many candles. This lead me to making my first candle and from then on I was hooked. Creating different candles, and trying different scents! 

Back in January 2019 I was not very busy with my day job (Hairdresser) & had free time on my hands. So I decided to turn my candle products into a brand. I wanted to create a brand that was personal to me. After thinking and brainstorming ideas I realised that the name was staring me in the face. Our Beagle bums Leya & Buster! Leya & Buster Candles was created. 

I love to create scents that I personally love myself. I would not make a candle that I do not like the smell of myself. 

I currently offer a range of Wooden Wick candles as I just love how the crackling sound when they burn. I am always on the lookout for the next must have smells. 

The Candles are all hand poured and made by myself. All of our products have been tested and comply with all CLP labelling laws. We are also fully insured. 

I make the candles from my home workshop while also juggling 2 dogs, 2 kids, Our other business DB hair Ulceby and a husband!  

Please feel free to browse our current range and if you have any questions then feel free to personally email me on:


We would love to hear from you!

The one and only Buster & Leya:

Darren (Left), Me (Right)
Buster (Right, Leya (Left)