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Rose In Wonderland - Wax Melt

Rose In Wonderland - Wax Melt

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Rose In Wonderland

Rose In Wonderland is infused with rich cotton blossom and the floral notes of red and white roses, white geranium, African violets, Japanese and orange blossom, jasmine mixed with lashings of saffron, white musk and amber to intensify the florals and the green precious wood accords while green apple cuts through the headiness and sweetness to bring a freshness that lasts. Similar to a popular fabric conditioner. 


Leya & Buster Candles wax melts come in wide variety of scents. They are designed to be used with a suitable wax melt burner or electric wax melt burner. Our wax melts give you an excellent & long lasting scent throw. Each pack weights approximately 50g & includes 4 cube melts. 

*Colours may vary*


Use one cube at a time and this should give you at least 8-16hrs per cube of fragrance depending on your burner. Our wax melts are all hand poured using our unique wax blend. The melts come packaged in a 4 cavity square clamshell made from 86% recycled materials & can be recycled after use.

Never burn for more than 4 hours at a time in a tea light burner & always follow burner instructions

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